Grooming Services For Your Pet In Montgomery, AL

(located within Animal Hospital of Montgomery)
All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming
for an appointment call 272-2200
"Quality Grooming at Reasonable Prices"
Open 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Monday through Friday
Grooming dogs and cats should be dropped off before 10:30am. After that, we will fill in missed appointments. Pick-up is in the afternoon.

We do express grooming in about an hour ($15 additional charge)
Chow Chow Dog Being Groomed — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL

SAVE $15.00
New Client Coupon

We always welcome the opportunity to serve new friends. Please download and print our $15 off coupon for new grooming clients. Thanks for giving us a try.
Every 2 or 3 week special
We offer special prices for more frequent visits. Ask the groomer for a price for every 2 week visits or every 3 week visits.

Nail trims for dogs & cats $12 anytime.
Nail reduction - high speed filing $22.

Trains your puppy to tolerate the grooming table, being still for a bath, handling, and the clipper and hair dryer noises. Once weekly for 4 weekly sessions with short 3 hour visits gets your puppy ready.
Veterinarian supervised sedation to safely get your cat groomed or shaved down if needed. (Extra charge)

Kayla Henrichson, Groomer

Kayla Henrichson — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
Kayla and her Papillon, River
Professional Dog Groomers is a full service pet grooming facility run from the clinic premises by Kayla. She will style any dog or cat to its breed specifications or to your personal preference.

Kayla has been grooming for 5 years, first as a part time assistant groomer and full time veterinary technician. Now she runs Professional Dog Groomers.
Grooming services always include:
  • Bathing with our Hydrosurge Bathing System
  • Fluff Drying
  • Treatment for fleas, ticks and lice
  • Ear flushing, Nail trims and Anal Gland Expressing
  • Haircut
We also do:
  • Specialized treatments for demodex and sarcoptic mange mites with a doctor's approval
  • Therapeutic baths with special medicated shampoos for skin disease patients based on the doctor's recommendation
  • Shave downs
  • Matt removal
  • Hair stripping
  • Pattern haircuts
  • Show grooming
For our skin disease patients, Professional Dog Groomers will do therapeutic baths with skin treatments done as prescribed by the doctor. These treatments are often prescribed 2 or 3 times per week and they require specific prescription shampoos for a variety of skin disorders. This service is offered at a lower fee than regular bathing. The pet is bathed for 15 minutes, rinsed, dried and brushed only. Other services performed during a therapeutic bath, like nail trims, insecticidal dipping, ear flush, anal gland expression are charged extra.
To ensure that your pet receives quality attention from our groomers, grooming is by appointment only. You may drop your pet off starting at 7:30am Monday through Friday and pick him or her up by 5:30pm the same day. We will try and call when your pet is done. You may also arrange for grooming services if your pet is boarding with us or is hospitalized for veterinary care (in most cases).