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Vet Wearing a Blue Uniform Carrying a Dog and a Cat — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
Our staff of caring professionals have dedicated their working lives in the care of pets. When you have us treat your pet, please understand that we are here for you. We are "advocates" for your pet, making every attempt to diagnose the condition, treat it appropriately as simply and as economically as possible. We want to treat your pet as if it is a member of your family.

Our doctors study medicine as a passion and it is their responsibility to be up to date on current tests and treatments for diseases. They attend many continuing education seminars each year.

Our hospital is a member of the Veterinary Information Network, which is a huge international internet forum for veterinarians to exchange ideas and information. It has a complete library of animal diseases and we can consult with experts in over 25 fields of veterinary medicine.
Our veterinary technicians are trained to care for your pet while in the hospital. They constantly monitor patients and will follow doctor's orders for the best care while under their responsibility.

Because veterinarians must care for patients 7 days a week, our staff rotates on the weekends and we check on hospitalized patients twice a day on Sundays and Holidays.

If there is a condition we are not confident in treating, we can refer you to a specialist in the area, or to the Veterinary College at Auburn University.
Dr. Louis N. Gotthelf — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL

Dr. Louis N. Gotthelf

Dr. Gotthelf graduated with high honors from Tuskegee University in 1978 receiving his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Prior to that he attended the University of Florida, Gainesville where in 1972 he received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. In 1978, Dr. Gotthelf established the Animal Hospital of Montgomery. Dr. Gotthelf is licensed to practice in Alabama, Florida and Ohio, and he is USDA accredited to provide interstate and international health certificates for travelling pets. He is also an Alabama Certified Pest Control Operator (insecticide consultant)!

Dr. Gotthelf has studied extensively on the topic of dog and cat skin and ear diseases. His ongoing education and training led him to provide dermatology services at the Montgomery Pet Skin and Ear Clinic to help dogs and cats in the Montgomery area deal with hard to treat ear and skin problems. As a general veterinary practitioner, he also enjoys the challenge of diagnosing the causes of your pets illness so that proper treatment can be provided. "Nothing is more satisfying than knowing how to make a sick animal well."

In the clinical setting, Dr. Gotthelf helps to develop and test diagnostic products for Kacey Diagnostics of Asheville, NC ( He has been instrumental in developing new products like ear packings for TriLogic Pharma, therapeutic ear products and medicated shampoos for Dechra. He also performs FDA clinical trials for several veterinary drug companies to determine the effectiveness of new drug products and treatments. In the past he has been the Rabies Inspector for Montgomery County and the Marketing Director for Animal Clinic Products of Montgomery.

Dr. Gotthelf is the author of Small Animal Ear Diseases; An Illustrated Guide, published by Elsevier Saunders. This is his second book on ear diseases. He developed the MedRx veterinary video otoscope in 1996 (now the OTOPET video otoscope), and he has travelled all over the world teaching veterinarians how to do proper ear diagnostics and therapy. He developed laser surgical procedures in the ear and he has also lectured on Laser surgery for Lumenis Laser Conmpany. In total he has done over 300 lectures to veterinarians in the U.S. and other countries on ear diseases and laser surgery. He consults with veterinarians on the phone and on the internet with veterinarians with difficult ear disease cases.

Besides being a well published and gifted speaker, Dr. Gotthelf is also a member of several veterinary associations including the American Veterinary Medical Association (VMA), the Alabama VMA, the Central Alabama VMA (for which he is a past president), the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, and the Phi Zeta, Rho Chapter of the Veterinary Honor Fraternity. He is also a founding member of the newly organized Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association (ALVPOA).

He is an avid golfer, fisherman, gardener and photographer. His 3 kids and their families including 7 grandchildren and 7 granddogs keep him quite busy when he is not traveling. He spends his limited free time at his home on Lake Martin.

Dr. Gotthelf is also very much into rental real estate. Since 1984, he and his wife, Penny, have been buying, renovating and renting nice homes to nice families. Check out his rental homes in Montgomery , Alabama (
Dr. Maria McCausland — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL

Dr. Maria McCausland

DR. MARIA MCCAUSLAND is a 1999 graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, Dr. McCausland and her husband, Mitch, decided to make Central Alabama their home.

Dr. McCausland's clinical interests include internal medicine, behavior, and surgery. She worked at our hospital for about 5 years after graduation and then left for a short while doing emergency and critical care medicine, but she came back to practice with us.

Her interests in canine behavior led her to obedience classes, agility and dock diving. Dr. McCausland is available for behavior consultations with individual clients who have pets with unusual pet habits. She can provide an individualized treatment plan to help owners adjust their dog's abnormal behaviors.

Living on a small farm in Notasulga, she has 2 Palomino cutting horses, 2 rescue dogs, 3 Labrador retrievers, 5 cats, chickens, and turkeys all of which keep her very busy during her off time. She competes in Dog Agility, Dock Diving, and AKC Conformation with her Labrador retrievers.

Carol Himsel, Office Manager and Receptionist

Carol Himsel — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
CAROL started her veterinary career with us over 15 years ago as a veterinary assistant. She moved to the Birmingham area for a while and when she came back to Montgomery, she became the manager of the Animal Emergency Clinic. When they closed, she came back to work for us as our office manager. Carol is married and with her husband, Jon, they spend lots of their free time with their extended families both here and in Indiana. Carol has 2 cats, Stinker and Thomas, and a Boston terrier named Bogie.

Kayla Jo Mooney, Veterinary Assistant, Groomer

Kayla Henrichson — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
KAYLA JO has spent the last 12 years working with us first as a veterinary assistant and then she received training as a dog and cat groomer. Kayla Jo runs Professional Dog Groomers, which is located inside our hospital. She is married to Gage, a high school coach, and has one son, Joseph. They keep her busy attending her church and she is involved in her son's baseball and football games. In her free time, Kayla takes care of her goats and chickens on her hobby farm.


Rocky — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
Rocky is our house cat. He was abandoned in our bushes and was raised here as a kitten. He is about 8 years old and he can be found anywhere in the hospital. He might just make himself comfortable in your lap or he may take a nap on the counter at the reception desk. If there is something on the floor, Rocky can be found playing hockey with it tapping it with each paw as he runs across the floor. He also likes to play hide and seek!!!

Kimber Jones, Veterinary Assistant

Kimber Rogers — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
Kimber has worked in the veterinary profession for many year for several veterinarians in the Tri-County area. She most recently worked several nights a week at the Animal Emergency Clinic. When it closed in June, 2015, she started working for us. She takes care of her many animals including her chickens, ducks, and goats. She is married and has 4 children. She enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, and camping.

Karlee Thompson, , Veterinary Assistant

Karlee Thornell — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
KARLEE is one of our veterinary assistants. She has worked for the Montgomery Humane Shelter prior to working with us. She is married and has a son. Karlee also has 2 Dobermans, Grimm and Blair, a pitbull named Voodoo, a rabbit named Dragon, and a fish named Peanut. She spends her free time with her family and loves the outdoors; fishing, hunting, and camping. Karlee would like to further her career by becoming a Registered Veterinary Technologist.


Kim Burton, Groomer's Assistant

Kim Burton — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
KIM has been with us for over 4 years as a groomer's assistant and as a part time veterinary assistant. She has a good eye for photography and enjoys everything to do with taking pictures from setting up the shoot, lighting, taking and printing photos. She has one son named Prince and a dog named Tip.

A'liah Poole, Veterinary Assistant

Kim Burton — Economical Veterinary Care in Montgomery, AL
A'LIAH is a recent graduate from Faulkner University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Prior to becoming a veterinary assistant with us, she was an education intern at the Montgomery Zoo. A'liah now volunteers at the zoo in her spare time. Her long term goal in to become a dolphin trainer. She spends a lot of time with her daughter, Naomi, and also enjoys long distance running. She has a turtle named Peek-a-Boo.

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